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Paddling The Length of the Basingstoke Canal

I know “best kept secret” is something of a cliche, but the fact I paddled for a whole day without seeing a single other craft out on the Basingstoke Canal, is a good indication of just how unused this absolute gem of a waterway is. I expected it would be fairly quick to complete -…

My Plans For This Season

If there was one thing I learned from 2020, it was to make the most of every single moment available to you in the pursuit of your outdoors passion, as there could always be another lockdown lurking around the corner. Despite the UK government’s cautious but optimistic roadmap to emerge from lockdown, nothing is set…

Do You Need A Licence To Canoe?

Yes and no. There is no formal test and licence for the activity itself, no ‘drivers licence for canoe’ as such. Anyone of any age can legally jump in a boat and start paddling. But you will need to pay for a licence or pass to gain access to most, if not all, inland waters…

6 Reasons You Should Start Kayaking in 2021

There really has never been a better time to take up kayaking than in the throes of these uniquely difficult times. If you are looking for a way to immerse yourself in nature (without damaging it!), keep fit, and guarantee some holiday and recreational time for yourself in the midst of ever changing restrictions on…

The River Wey – Natural Beauty Meets Man Made Wonder

There are many inland waterways on my list to conquer, and the first on that list for this year was the ancient River Wey and its adjoining man made appendages; The Wey & Godalming Navigations. Exploring both the natural river and the man made cuts in my kayak and travelling solo, I was not disappointed!…

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